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    Direct port dry shots...

    I got a new job, and have been looking at what I can do to spray my hatch. It seems a majority of the threads here are looking at wet shots, and to me, that is like using a mechanical bypass valve on a computer controlled system. I am curious about a direct port dry shot, using k-pro and larger injectors. Who has done it, and what are my options? This would be on a k20a3 with vtec killer and race header, with appropriate supporting mods. I wouldn't be too upset about popping the a3 block, but I obviously want it to work and function.

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    You have the right thought process figured out, but I believe the largest you can go dry is 100. Even big shot direct ports spray extra fuel, its good insurance. The a3 should be to handle a 100 shot easy (tuned correctly), that would put you around 230-250 depending on the supporting mods. That is not to bad, and that would put you into the high 12s.

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