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    Unhappy Help needed! I’m desperate! Car shuts off while on neutral…

    I bought an 02 a couple a weeks ago from a shady ricer, and it started to randomly turn off while in neutral at lights, stop signs or just coasting in neutral… sucks and is scary at times…
    Also after I top off at the gas (never cheap gas, only shell or chevron) the car struggles to turn on, it like boggles and takes a few turns to turn on…
    Car idles too while on neutral…

    Not sure what it is, wonder if it could be something to do with the fuel pump? My old 98 hatch would turn off too, but just randomly till someone check the fuel pump to find out it wasn’t getting power, which the mechanic rigged a direct power source. Thought it could be the same problem but folks are saying it’s not the same problem.
    Although the check engine light check does codes : P0172 (Fuel system too rich bank 1) and P0420 (Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1)
    fuel pumps are about 300 ish ouch... :/

    The guy before did screw up the old air box and has duck tape holding the main air intake tube, some kind of glue holding up the little air tube from the engine block & the bottom air intake missing completely, people are guessing its getting too much air/leaks…
    I thought of getting a short ram air intake as a quick simple fix to replace old air box etc, waiting on shipping. Any thoughts or should I scrap the short ram intake?

    I need help desperately! Please someone help

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    one possible issue could be a stuck idle air control valve. If you search the forum for "clean iacv" or clean idle air you will find procedures on how to correct.

    The error codes make it worth checking the fuel pressure, but its doubful that is the issue.

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