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    Quote Originally Posted by smykhaisouk View Post
    Congratulations on your son! Your car looks great man. Some day Iíll have mine looking as immaculate as yours again. At the moment Iím torn between straightening out the body without all its dents or swapping for a k24. The a3 still runs strong basically stock but Iím curious about these ďjdmĒ k24a1s Iím seeing on craigslist. Iíve seen mixed reviews on some of those venders and a bit hesitant on going with the swap. Where are you and your friends going for engine and body work these days? What do you think or have heard about these local jdm engine venders?
    Thanks man, I've seen those listings too. I haven't had any experience with swaps nor engine vendors, and the locals I do know have swapped in their own in their spare time.

    My A3 is still running well too, it's just painfully underpowered.

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    Yeah itís incredibly slow. I think my wifeís 2016 Rogue is quicker than my car or at least it feels that way. 🤣

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