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    New alternator, battery light on

    So my alternator was dying, badly, my stereo would cut off while driving, no battery light.
    I replaced it with a Duralast, but after the battery light came on. The car does not die, has 14.5v while running, and the battery tested good.
    The ELD seems to be fine as it reads the same voltage before and after it. I have no p1297 or p1298 code, just the battery light.
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    I know this is straining on the battery, but doesn't a battery light indicate a chagrining system fault? Why would it come on after "fixing" the charging system?

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    I'm pretty sure in saying, it is the alternator. Aftermarket alternators do not work very well with our cars. You best bet is to find a used OEM alternator and try that.
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    I've seen the same thing happen on a couple of occasions. Guys buys and installs autozone/pep boys/o'reileys alternator. It's charging fine but battery light stays on. I think it has to do with how they are wired internally. Try unplugging the electrical connector (not the B+ cable that is held on with a nut) on the alternator and see if the light goes out. Now, I'm not advising you run the car like this but it will confirm that the alternator isn't wired to be 100% compatible with you car.

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