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    Swapping a whole door

    Has anyone ever replaced the entire door (driver or passenger side)? Is it plug and play (unbolt door, disconnect wiring harnesses then reverse) or is it more complicated than that?

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    It's plug and play.
    Mine got dented in a parking lot and the hitter was gone. Picked one off a wrecked car of same SS color for $225 CAD and put it on the same day. Use a jack with a towel on it to raise the door to the right height > have a friend hold the door for balance > bolt it up > adjust for in, out, front to back alignment and striker = done. Note that even a car of the same color code will not likely be a 100%, due to age, exposure etc. Change the lock tumbler as you like, or not if you never use your key to open the car. Removing the actual door handle is a total pain!
    Not sure if you'll get an SRS dash warning if door came from a car with or without side airbags compared to yours if equipped. Cheers!

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