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    MercRacing MR900 Supercharger Kit in the k24a2 ep3

    *First off, Thanks-A-Million for the meticulous build Jose Mercado. Hats off to you sir...

    MercRacing MR900 Supercharger Kit
    utilizes EATON’s latest 6th Generation supercharger. These Twin Vortices Series(TVS) Superchargers feature a pair of four-lobe, high-helix rotors with 160-degrees of overall twist that are housed in a patented high-flow housing. This highly efficient package requires less power to drive, delivers cooler discharge temperatures, and is much quieter than many of its competitors.
    *An RDX crank pulley(6.37") and a 2.80" Blower Pulley are in place and dyno tuning will be done shortly after install.
    *The tuner installed a 50* VTC Gear, a Z3 Upper Chain Guide, and an Inline Pro Timing Chain Tensioner before tuning.
    *FUELING - DeatschWerks 1000cc Fuel Injectors(17U-08-1000-4)
    and DeatschWerks DW65c fuel pump(9-651-1009)

    This MercRacing K-Series adjustable belt auto tensioner is a strong, solid and serviceable solution to your supercharger belt wrap, belt adjustment and tensioner needs. No belt slip for me.

    A Garrett Front Mount Intercooler is piped into the manifold.

    Custom Piping done by Jose Mercado using A Large Universal Aluminum Pipe Kit, 2.5"

    An Artec Industries Battery Boxes OP5101 for group 51 battery(stock size battery) was used to relocate the battery under the passenger side head light.

    These American Autowire external battery jumper blocks are used in case a jump start is needed without having to remove the front bumper.

    These Painless Performance alternator wiring kits are used for wiring it all up.

    Good instructions for wiring and battery relocate here:

    Modification to the Garrett FMIC:

    SPAL Slim Fans(7.5" puller) were used in place of the OE fan, the OEM was too big to fit the intercooler piping. A repainted and cleaned up OEM condenser fan was used in this also. Thanks to my bud Sing for sending the cond. fan.

    Custom Radiator brackets fabbed from original T-Bar.

    Battery bracket painted and placed under the passenger side head light.

    Lower Battery Bracket Fab:

    Remote Jumper Terminals placed where the battery box used to be.

    AEM V2 Intake cut where it's 3.5"
    Now it's a custom made AEM V3.5

    Koyo Radiator(V2574) installed but there was no room for the overflow so we made one out of spare parts in Jose's garage. Looks great and works perfectly with plenty of volume.

    Stock rad cap won't fit so I got the Koyo rad cap

    This is how it sits finished up and ready to rock!

    Ortizcustompods gauge pod and 14point7 Gauges in the cockpit.

    All washed up and ready to roll out.

    Thanks again MercRacing

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    Badass build brah!

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    Love it man !

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    Fantastic post and great info!

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    wow. great job man
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    Looks good!

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    Eddie , please post the dyno
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