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    I've made some recent updates. Decided to keep the car and try and update/upgrade along the way to keep her running for my kids one day and so I can keep playing with the car.

    Added some Acuity solid shifter base bushings (RSX spec). The Acuity guy is amazing, had a great convo with him about what would and wouldn't work. Although I didn't notice a big difference from the part, it looks great and can't recommend their quality enough. I was very impressed. I also installed some generic eBay shifter base bushings to replace the old stock rubber ones, which I actually feel a difference from. Little more solid when shifting into the gate.

    Added some Depo headlights, and later installed some cheap eBay yellow fogs. Had to email the seller to get them to send me a replacement harness that would actually work for my car. I showed them the pics from their own listing and said send these, not sure what the other wires were good for. Did some research and found the internal car harness under the center dash and then found an open pin in my fuse box. Now they come on with the Acc position and are independant to my headlights. So far so good!

    Would love to do a TSX or Morimoto projector retrofit and go HID, but for now the Halogens in these Depo's are much better than my old hazy stock headlights.
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