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    Looking for OG suspension or similar! Suggestions?

    The previous owner replaced the OG suspension with something lower and stiffer, problem is I live up north where it gets super snowy in the winter, and the wheel wells will definitely jam up with snow. Besides, right now it rides too stiff for northern roads.

    Is anyone selling off their OG suspension, or have a recommendation of something I could buy that's similar? Looking for a smooth ride, not racing style.


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    Short of going back completely to stock, the A-Spec kit is the closest thing, but giving you a slight drop ( 3/4") and a bit better on the handling side. Not bumpy at all. It's for the RSX, and you have to grind down a couple of things, but at $650-ish (US), it's a very good deal. I've had mine on a couple of years now and very happy with it.

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    I have stock springs to give away. Free picked up.

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