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Thread: Do i need kpro?

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    Do i need kpro?

    I have the "jdm k20a swap" it is not not a type r engine. It is similar to the k20a3 series. I think I'm having issues with my ecu. The jdm motor has my k20a3 intake. It was swapped in the process of changing motors. No leaks... but why do i have a p0171 code. Never goes away. Still have stock ecu in... need help.... just want car too run correctly
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryanbear69 View Post
    ...why do i have a p0171 code. Never goes away. Still have stock ecu in... need help.... just the want car to run correctly
    You just stated every reason to need KPro. You cant swap a car/parts with an engine from another chassis and expect it to work without issues. KPro not only allows you to tune for more power, but it allows you to troubleshoot issues just like this.

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    Yes. if what you put in has the True 3 lobe on both cams. A K20a does. then the ep3 computer wont be very happy in there. the 171 code for it being lean is no bueno. is it doing that from the start? cause if it tries to lock vtec at where the a3 does at like 2200 rpm it would lean it out a ton... point being the A3 ecu is not meant for the a2 type if vtec system... you can use your ecu though to send to Hondata and it will be usable after that.

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