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    Sidewinder manifold and downpipe setup

    Looking to do a sidewinder setup on my ep3. I cannot seem to find any info or a downpipe made for the ep3 with the sidewinder. Looking at the different setups I see the fine print that says for RSX chassis only. Does anyone know if the downpipe for the RSX will fit the ep3? I don't care about it bolting up to factory exhaust I just need to get the exhaust routed under the car right now. I would hate to spend 1500$ to find out fitment is no good. Any info is appreciated.

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    Yeah it fits. If it's spec'd for the RSX type S (not base) then the down-pipe would be about 3 inches longer, so your EP3 mid pipe would need to be shorten (by 3 inches). Typically the easiest it to use type s turbo down pipe, mated to a type s mid pipe, to the ep3 axel back. Then no modes required.

    If the down pipe is spec'd for a RSX base model. Then the length is the exact same as the ep3.

    One thing you'll want to pay attention to, is the placement of the turbo from the manifold. Example the sidewinder and downpipe should be the same brand. If you mix match, you may need to modify the downpipe/exhaust to get it to line up.

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