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    Water coolant lines for turbo

    Good morning everyone, I have a question about that u shape coolant tube that is on the tube connecting the valve cover and intake, can that be tapped into and use for my turbo since it's both water and oil cooled?

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    you could use it for that but it is somewhat restrictive ( i use -6AN and up) and the system itself is prone to corrosion ( the bypass tube under the intake manifold). Also it is "cooled" coolant but it is still in the hotter side of the cooling system ( they are the heater hoses). And it is up to you depending on how you drive your car if you want to run the water cooling to the turbo. if you choose not to then be sure to let the car idle for a bit and let the car cool the oil down after spirited driving so the turbo doesnt cook the hot oil in itself. If you are racing it or drive it hard alot then i would recommend doing so. Hope that Helps.
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