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    How to Install ID1050x injectors k20a3?

    Anybody make a thread on how to install these? I cant find it. if someone can drop link to it that would be great :).

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    unless they are different than the ID1000s, it really simple. just relieve the fuel pressure, unclip the fuel line from the rail, unplug the injector connectors, take out the 2 bolts holding the rail to the manifold, pull the rail (with injectors attached) from the intake manifold, pull the clips securing the injectors to the rail, pull the injectors out of the rail (it can be a bitch to get them to pull out).

    here ill just post up the section of the FSM. the only other thing is if you don't have adapter for the electrical connectors you will need to cut the old ones and wire in new ones. If you need to wire in new ones, on each injector, the yellow/black wire on the harness connects to the postitive (+) on the new connector.
    (click for full size)

    here are a few pics:

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