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    Kpro with the K24a2

    Hey guys Iím back again with stupid questions, but Iíve decided to go through with swapping an Ď06 K24a2 into my Ď05 EP3. Iím doing the swap in a few weeks and have already ordered the engine. The only thing Iím not 100% on is the kpro, I know basically nothing about it. Am I going to have to make any adjustments within the software for the three lobe VTEC? Or will the car run with just sticking the kpro on? Every swap forum Iíve read through has barely touched on it at all. Iím trying to avoid going to a tuner and want to eventually learn the software to tune the car myself. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Yes, you will need to make adjustments. There should still be a base map for a k24a2 in kpro but you will need to modify it based on your mods (I/H/E, injectors, etc). With all the money you're going to dump into the swap, it's worth getting a e-tune at the very least.
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    Man this forum is dead. I haven't been on here in probably 7 years and am only back to try and sell my car. Back in the day you couldn't even keep up with new threads because there were hundreds of posts a day. Pretty sad when a 11 day old post shows up on the first page of new posts. lol

    Anyways, sorry to rant. You could just buy my 05 k24a2 swapped EP3 and save yourself the hassle ahahaha.

    But to answer your question, there is a k24a2 basemap in kpro as the previous poster mentioned. I believe there is even one for k24a2 with I/E/H. I ran around for probably a year on the base map after my swap. ran fine but had some knock under load especially on hot days. make sure to turn the knock sensor on in Kpro, this will flash your check engine light whenever it detects knock. This will allow you to keep an eye on it and know to let off the gas if it starts going off like a strobe light. Eventually i got it to the shop for a dyno tune. baslined at 200 hp, finished tune at 230 hp. more importantly at one specific RPM i gained 60 ft lbs of torque!! car ran much better and almost never see the knock senser flash anymore, not to mention a lot faster. I think i paid $500 or so for the tune if i remember correctly.

    Bottom line just pay for the dyno tune. Street tune will never be as good plus Kpro is pretty complex and without a ton of experience you wont be able to just mess around with it and figure out how to tune your car unfortunately.

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    to get the most out of your swap, you should go with a 45 degree VTC before you get it tuned.

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