So i snapped a wheel stud the other day (yes it was my fault) and have been trying to figure out the most cost effective way to go about replacing the stud. I took off the wheel and went to hammer out the remaining piece of the wheel stud and quickly realized that there's no hole behind the hub to knock it through. I rotated the hub around looking for the hole but there's just not one there. I don't own a grinder otherwise i would just cut out a groove in the backing to make some clearance. Basically I would have to remove the entire assembly and press out the inner hub to be able to knock the wheel stud all the way out. I looked online and saw that it could be done professionally using a hydraulic press and so I took it to a nearby auto shop. They wanted to charge me 457$ because the guy wants to replace the lower ball joint AND bearing because he says they will both get damaged upon removal. I just said no thanks because i'm putting in my own hardrace ball joints soon and don't want to pay that kind of labor money if I can avoid it. It's a design flaw the way I see it, seems like just about all vehicles are designed so that the wheel studs can be hammered out the back easily. I'm looking at steering knuckle/wheel hub assemblies with the bearing already in because that would fix the whole issue including the wheel stud (I could just pull the old assembly off and replace the whole unit). However there seems to be a shortage of those assemblies online even on eBay. None of the wheel hub assemblies include the steering knuckle/backing plate already mounted. I just don't have a hydro press and would be nice to just buy the whole unit with the bearing and hub already on the steering knuckle. Seems like most parts suppliers have these for the 2door EX models but can't find much for an Si. Any sugestions? i'm new to the EP3 scene and this is my first post so if I can learn anything that would be appreciated. Here's an image of what i'm looking for, however this is for an EX and not sure it the fitment is the same knucklehub.jpg