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    Hey everyone, I'm Christian. I'm new to these forums and I'm hoping to purchase can EP3 in the very near future so I'll be digging through a lot of info here and asking some questions. I'm not new to Honda... I owned a Prelude SH for 14 years and would likely still own it today if someone didn't T-bone me!

    That's said, I currently own a Focus RS, but will soon slide into an RS3 or GT-R (message me if you want to buy a pristine RS!). I've always had a crush on the EP3 platform and I'd like to get a decent one for use as a daily driver.

    Looking forward to starting some conversations with you! 👍

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    my advice would be to stay away from the EP3. bought mine with low miles, garage kept and only had one owner. unfortunately i'm regreting the purchase because the chassis setup is all wrong. Once i started tearing everything down and paying for suspension components it's just not worth it. if you have a focus RS you've got something much more incredible in terms of performance/handling. These cars are a nightmare to work on and they are a money pit if you don't have a bunch of fancy tools

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