I have the Mugen Sport Suspension shocks on my car but I dont know whether RSX tie rod ends or EP3 tie rod ends fit them better. My shocks are part #50000-XK2-K0S0 which are the ones that king motorsports lists for the EP3 (the ones they have listed for the RSX are part # 50000-XK5-K0S0), so theoretically EP3 tie rod ends (honda part #53541-S5A-003) should be the right ones. But if RSX tie rod ends (part #53541-S7A-003) fit, then that would mean that the EP3 ones would be loose in the shock since they have a smaller diameter stud compared to the RSX tie rod ends. Can any mugen gurus out there shed some light on this??

tldr; has anyone fit RSX tie rod ends 53541-S7A-003 into EP3 Mugen sport suspension 50000-XK2-K0S0???