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    Honda voltage problem ready to rip my hair out

    Ok so I will preface this woth that i have been fighting this for about 3 weeks now.

    About 3 weeks ago I had my battery light come on. I went through the standard tests and it turned out my alternator was bad. I took it out and went with it to autozone where I was going to get a new one. While I was there for fun I had them test my old alternator to see if it was bad. It passed all of its tests and they claimed it was fine. So with this I took it back home (glad to save the $150) and put it back in. After reinstalling it my battery light went off and all seemed well.

    About a week later it came back on. This time being fed up with it and not wanted to take my front end apart again I just went ahead and got a new alternator and replaced it. Battery light went off again for about another week. Then it reapeared. Super pissed I went back to auto zone and had them throw on a tester on the car and ot was reading a flat 12.2 v with no fluctuation on the voltage reguadless of engine speed. So I figured dead replacment. Cool. Got another alternator (#3 for those who are counting) and went to replace it.

    Im getting good at this so it only took me a few hours and when I started the car with the new alternator the battery light persisted this time. Even more upset I went to autozone and had them test it on the car except this time it was reading 13.8-14.1v at idle.... so the alternator is working.... so why is my battery light on?! I did slme digging and had them run my codes. My Electric load detector was throwing a high voltage code. They happened to have it in stock so I gave it a shot. Replaced it and the battery light is still on.

    At this point I have no idea what it could be. Everything seems to be testing fine. Battery is good too they ran that test for fun. The light persists and there isnt an issue?

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    first of all let me say autozone parts suck ass

    here is how to troubleshoot the ELD high voltage code

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