Hello People! im beermonkey(beer for short) and i own a 02 silver si that started life for me as a big PITA. i bought it about 2 years ago and thought it was the bees knees. turned out, the previous owner(who if i find id punch in the nose) i guess blewup his org motor and swapped it out for an rsx base engine, and an rsx type s trans. also because racecar there was a GIANT skunk 2 header, no cat or front swaybar. not to mention the a/f sensor was missing, the tune on the cpu was not setup for emmissions. i didnt realize this untill 1 week before i had to take the test. so 6 months and 2 tuner shops later and some computer learnin , i got rid of the old header, got a larger cat and smaller header and built a hodge-podge of parts together to make an exhaust that complies with emmissions. then had a shop or 2 "fix" the tps, which i had to fix again using a laptop and hondata. and if all that wasnt enough, the suspention on this car is crap. its lowering springs on stock struts. the car is so low i cant visit my moms apt because the speed bumps are too high that i actually high-centered on it. also the speakers and radio the PO installed are a effing joke. I make BT boom boxes that out perform my cars system with Ease. anywho, the plan is to get the car updated, like engine mounts, hoses, suspention, 5 lug conversion, and get a proper engine tune. then work on the steering, and interior and then last FIX THE EFFIN SOUNDS! the sound system done by the PO is 18w per channel coming out of blown polk 2 way speakers, even tho theres a tweeter in the door. so the highs and high mids are good, just no mids and no low end at all. so thats my lil poobox. i hope to get some pic and videos up of me doing random fixes or mods to the hatch. i do have a youtube channel if anyone is intrested. its Beermonkey9424. im just yer basic ADHD parking spot mechanic, trying to get the lil money i got to have a decent ride. hope to learn/help you ppl sometime.