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    Unhappy Extended crank after driving

    I'm new so if this is the wrong section please move it, thanks.

    I am completely perplexed. I recently got an ep3 SIR with a very strange problem and I need the collective genius of yall to help.
    Whenever I start the car after it has sat for a while, it starts fine, and runs perfectly. Once I finish my drive and turn it off, if I try to restart it and it has this problem. It will crank almost 40 times before it wants to start, you can hear it trying to combust, and the combustion starts getting more frequent with every crank until it starts.

    Here is what you need to know:
    - It's not the plugs, they are new and I tested the spark, all good 👍
    - brand new fuel injectors, I thought they were leaking but I guess not...
    - fuel pump sounds like it is priming fine and does it every time I turn the key
    - no know vacuum leaks after visual inspection
    - was a p1259 code for vtech solenoid but I fixed it
    - no current code
    - cleaned throttle body and connected components
    - once turned over it runs like an absolute dream
    - seem like it may burn coolant but probably leaking most that is lost
    - plugs showed no fouling or signs of coolant

    Appreciate any help I can get, this is my work car and its driving me mad 😖

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    I would check fuel pressure, even though you feel the pump is priming every time, that would be my first guess

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    Have u checked the battery ? I know itís dumb but my ep3 would do the same just bought her a new battery n would start right up

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    if its none of the things already mentioned, check the compression

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