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Thread: Swap time!!

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    Swap time!!

    Ready to swap something into my 04 ep3... Questions : in all the threads I've read, it mentions needing to swap the axles for 5 lug. My 04 has five lugs.
    Also, can't seem get a straight answer about the shifter setup for a 6-speed. Do I need the whole shifter brackets from the donor car? Or just the cables?
    I was thinking this
    That would be everything I need correct? Anyone have a better or cheaper solution with link?

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    I have an 04 and got the JDM K20A installed in it a couple of years ago. Swapping the axles is only necessary on 02-03s, which are 4 lugs.

    I believe that has everything you'd need. I think that the cables only would be necessary. If you want reverse lockout, that's a pain in the ass to do; I haven't had any problems with shifting into 6th the whole time I've had mine in, though. You'll need Kpro and a live tune would be good. Also think about upgrading the intake, headers, exhaust, intake manifold, fuel rail, etc., if you can swing the money. Much easier to do everything at once and get the tune on it all.

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