Hey gang,

Just picked up my EP3 SiR last weekend for 1400$ canadian with 185000km and 12 wheels to go with it.

the issue on the test drive that were seen on the test drive were:
-Rust on the quarter panels(welcome to canada)
-Brakes were due
-exhaust hangar needed to be replaced, was causing the exhaust to scrap on speedbumps
-Mismatching tires had winters in the front since the summer tires were down to the cord almost.

I thought for those little problems 1400$ was a good price so i picked it up and decided to tell the girlfriend a week later when she wouldnt be home as i was afraid for my life.

Fast forward to yesterday 08-25.

My buddies EF fuel pump died on the side of the road

I received my oem pads and rotors once we jack the car up we notice 2 things.

1. 3/4 swaybar end links are done needs replacing.
2. the front swaybar is completely cracked from where the bushing sits.

not really something i expected to see broken but it was.
So ive been looking on the locals for a EP3 part out or i might just go aftermarket with the progressive sway bar since im planning on autocrossing on the 21st of september

The famous broken down EF XD