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    Old Honda Guy, New EP3 Owner

    Hi everyone! I've had Hondas for almost 20 years. I bought my 2001 Honda Accord sedan new 18 years ago (still own it!) and it's been an addiction ever since! I'm a Parts Manager for a local Honda dealership and have had my fair share of Hondas. 2010 Civic Si, four 4G Preludes, many Accords, and a few regular Civics. I've also had a handful of Miatas, an 07 STI, and a Focus ST.

    I've always had a soft spot for the EP3 and finally got my hands on one! A few years ago a customer brought her 2004 Civic Si in for some maintenance for the first time. I was the Service Manager at the time and worked with her on getting service. When she left, I mentioned that if she ever decided to sell the car, to contact me and gave her a card. Well...she finally called and we struck a deal!

    So here's my 2004 Civic Si. Two owner, no wrecks, and no modifications (unless you count the bug shield). This thing is seriously clean! It does need a few mechanical items, but everything has been ordered and should be sorted out in a couple of weeks. My immediate plans are to do the repairs and some maintenance, restore the headlights and correct the paint. I've also ordered some shifter bushings and Hasport engine mounts. Past those things, I'll just be enjoying it as is. Long term, I'd like a full EP3 K20A swap.

    My first "mod" was removing the bug shield. There's some goop in the last picture, but it cleaned right off and the paint is nice!

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    Congrats on the purchase, from one old owner to another!

    Similar story here - have an 04 I bought three years ago, but have owned a 90 CRX Si since 1992.

    A K20A swap is an awesome thing - gives it just the right amount of power that it lacks in stock form here in the US. Happy modding! Start a build thread if you can, it's interesting to see the progressions of these cars, especially us who are late to the EP3 game.

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    Similar situation, picked up a stock EP3 last week from a guy that needed to sell it since he bought a minivan for his growing family. Poor guy.

    I've owned multiple Civics in the past and like you always had a soft spot for the EP3.

    Keep us updated with your build.

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