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    Hood spacers or cut in a vent??

    I just finished up a k24a2 swap, and I知 getting some warm engine readings. The system is burped and I知 good on coolant. The only time it happens is if I知 sitting still after a good 45 mins of driving. Signs are pointing to heatsoak. I moved my intake back into the engine bay after a nightmare situation with it being in the front bumper with my k20. I知 peaking out at 203* F, then it drops to 180*F after a few minutes. I知 thinking the heat takes a minute to dissipate before my temps are able to drop. I知 going to drop in a mishimoto aluminum radiator in a week or so after I can get the one that arrived exchanged for one that fits. But until then...

    Do you think hood spacers will help, or should I just cut a hole and drop in a heat extractor vent? Opinions? I知 not huge on the look of the gap, but if it works, it works. Also, I知 probably going to have to fabricate the vent, it痴 hard to find one that looks like it値l fit the shape of the hood. Suggestions on a vent that looks nice?? Thanks ahead.

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    are you running stock exhaust with stock catalytic converter sometimes those things start to become glogged and make the engine run hotter than usual
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