Hello all,

I will admit, I have been MIA from the forums since 2004 ish...and my 2002 ep3 has sat in the garage. After moving back to California in 2013 it has been my daily driver. Now that itís 17 years old, with only 150k miles, Iím trying to spruce it up.

All these k24a2/kpro developments that occurred many years ago has piqued my interest.

But I am lazy. Is there anyone/company in SoCal that could order the newer tsx (06+) k24a2, install it would the all appropriate mods, get kpro, and do a light tune for me? I guess Iím saying, I would like someone to do the work - and I would pay for it. :) I have another car now, so donít mind having it in the shop.

Let me know if anyone in SoCal has referrals for this!