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    struts for a daily driver recommendations

    I just purchased a 2003 with 160k miles and the struts are completely shot. I will be driving the car 70 miles roundtrip to work. The car has stock springs and I will be keeping them. I sometimes might drive a little spirited but I just want some descent struts that will last and give a good ride. I also don't want to spend crazy money as I paid $2k for the whole car. I see KYB and Tokico make some, has anybody got any recommendations on these or know of something else? I don't want Koni's, Bilstein for this car. Thanks

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    RSX type s ASPEC setup. very amazing ride for DD and spirited driving. I believe the ASPEC DIY is on here which I followed and had no issues. Let me know if anything.

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    Were you able to get replacements? I'm planning to replace mine before I install my new set of American Racing wheels and tires. I want to finish the setup this month so I could use my rig again after being idle for months.

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