hey guys

so after my k24a2 swap everything works great except for my EPS. During the swap i pulled out all abs, srs, and CC modules from the bay and under the windshield cowl (and then all airbags, and the srs module under the center console. The main harness (cabin to headlights etc.) was simplified meaning everything that had to do with abs, srs, cruise control, the horns, and windshield wiper reservoir pumps, was removed and de-pinned. The dash harness, main engine harness, EPS harness and the interior harness was not touched at all.

I got 4DTCs coming from the EPS system

DTC-12: A problem with voltage for torque sensor T/SiG
DTC-16: A problem with average of voltage for torque sensor VT3 and VT6
DTC-22: A problem with the average for vehicle speed and engine speed
Excessive change of the vehicle speed and engine speed
DTC-23: A problem with the engine speed signal circuit

All grounds are good, everything is plugged in, rpm and vehicle speed register on kpro and the cluster, vehicle drives great, just has EPS light on (EPS not working obviously).
Traced everything, unplugged and replugged everything back in, Completely lost here.