My first ep3, so bear with me please. I have had my ep3 for almost 2 years. Got it off a high school kid and he really didnt take care of it. its ran pretty good for the most part, and i have redone a lot so far. My problem is that i have a couple of CEL's that I have pulled from a scanner. I'm not worried about them as I'm doing a k24a swap soon, replacing a lot of parts with it, and hardly drive it(o2 sensor, map sensor) I dont have a steering wheel air bag(aftermarket wheel) and my abs sensors arent plugged in(broken) seen while replacing broken wheel studs. Shouldn't my cluster be lit up like a Christmas tree? No lights on cluster, car runs and drives fine. Lights turn on and go off after start up. Is there something in the wiring he could have bypassed possibly? Fuse boxes dont look tampered with, I have swapped clusters and the same thing happens. I'm not to familiar with ecu reflashes, but could there be a possibility that it's been reflashed?

Thank you for the help