So long story short I bought an ep3 recently one owner 68k original miles that needed a clutch(it was slipping pretty badly and Iíve done my fair share of work as an enthusiast but not a professional mechanic by any means but Iíve done things such as brakes, headgaskets timing components etc but never a clutch so I figured if I followed the guides and videos as well as the manual I could take my chances replacing the clutch. I had the flywheel resurfaced and bought an oem exedy clutch kit and thought the install went well. Until first start and now it wonít go into any gears while on. The clutch pedal felt great after install but because of the issue I replaced slave and master anyway and bled the clutch to see if that was the problem and it still feels solid but still wonít go into any gear while running. So Iíve come to terms with the fact that I am going to be pulling it all apart again and rechecking everything but I was trying to see if anyone had any experience with this issue and have some insight on what I might want to check out when I remove again? Also I removed trans from bottom and had a rough time getting trans back onto engine but I pulled trans off 3 times during process until I was happy with how everything lined up and felt putting trans back on engine. This time I plan on pulling motor and trans from the top and redo the work outside the car. Any insight on what I may have done wrong or things I should look out for when pulling engine and trans topside would be greatly appreciated