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    2002 Civic Si w/ K20a3 HELP!!!

    So I'm new to this ephatch and Honda tuning world. Ive had this 2002 Civic Si Hatchback for a while as a beater and am now wanting to upgrade it. It has a K20a3 in it and I'm just wanting to add a little HP and exterior mods to make it more fun to drive since I will be daily driving this while my Challenger is being built. It does have the 5 speed in it. I need help and don't know where to start other thank new motor and tranny mounts cuz its shaking like crazy at crusing speeds.
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    Welcome to the forum. What do you mean it’s shaking? It could be something thats bent like wheel or rotor. If it’s at cruising speed, it sounds more like that to me.
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