Hey guys, i just recently did a bunch of work on my ep: Energy suspension bushing kit front and rear, both ball joints, inverted tie rod ends, the steering rack bushing, and all sway bar links.

Took the car for a test and saw it was wandering at high speeds like crazy. So i took it for a professionally done alignment.
All specs are in except rear camber because i did not buy the adjustable camber arms. IT still wanders like crazy at highway speeds. The mechanic said that the camber in the rear could be the case?

I been searching like crazy online and the things i have done should of helped with these issue, to be honest the steering is worse then when i had nothing done to it.

Could it be that i didnt lubricate the steering rack enough when doing the bushing there? Could it be the inverted tie rods??

Let me know what you guys think or if you had this problem. The inverted tie rods are the Hard Race ones.