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    Question EP3 Upper Frame Brace Help

    Hi I have an 02 SiR and was planning on installing the frame bracing from the JDM CTR.

    The rear strut tower brace and front lower frame brace seem pretty straight forward but I am confused about this upper brace (part no. 74180-S5T-300ZZ):

    The euro type r has one too but it is split into 2 pieces (part no. 74180-S5T-G00ZZ & 74185-S5T-G00ZZ):

    I would assume that this mounts under the scuttle panel but it does not exist on the USDM/Canadian cars and I have found little info on it.

    Does anyone know where this bar is mounted and if either the JDM or euro version fits on the non-type r
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