Crazy but im considering it

need suspension advice for a DD, rough country back roads, camping, rally cross build. Anyone have experience with these? thoughts?

thinking pillow ball in the front, hardened in the back. front at 8k and rear at 8k. 1 way. mainly as a DD, highway, backroads, rough roads, rallycross in that order.

Everyone thinks im insane and have run out of people to talk to about this. anything you say is appreciated. THANKS

Main concerns and questions:
1.///// its a 1.5-2 inch lift over stock, how would the other suspension components react to such a lift? and what other suspension parts could i use for this set up to work?

2.///// is it a good idea to go 8k spring rates all around? maybe 8k front, 9k back? 8k front 10k back? our cars are pretty light. i get the stiffer spring rates in the rear will decrease understeer but i already have a progress rear sway bar, rear subframe brace, moog endlinks to make rear better. and most recently a rear upper strut x brace with horizontal attach point at strut level and on the top bolding into the body where the backseat seat belt bolts by a company called RT Russia. got rear adjustable blackworks camber arm

3.///// i wanted to do steering rack slider bracket by SHG, but more importantly im waiting to hear back tegiwa on weather im abble to apply the streering rack raiser they sell up site down so instead of raising the steering rack 35mm i could lower it 35mm to be able to go slighly more lift. its this : for engine vibration. just wondering if the its the 2nd gen crv spacer that will fit the ep3 the diagrams i seen online almost look identical. the guy at HRG thinks im crazy and hasnt got back to me as has many other places.

thoughts on trailing arm spacers for the crv and element they look identical to me. also thinking these

also hoping to still fix the bump steer and torque steer.

*ordered blox subframe collar kit to provide more bracing as well as front subframe brace + front upper strut brace for added stiffness

4.///// cant talk about suspension without talking about tires... my sisters company offers a discount with this tire dealer for selected tires. never on anything kick ass but one day i asked to see the list again and saw they offer Falken wildpeak a/t tire. bare with me, its the only quality a/t tire that can fit my current set of RPF1s. got these 17x7 for dirt cheap a few years ago. also got the stock wheels. but i checked falken and they offer a 225/55r17... witch i could fit on my RPF1s ... its a 26.8 diameter tire... the i lift the car the better.
+ adding bigger tires than 2 inch in diameter from inch extra of ground clearance, and an inch lost in fender space. im planning to do a body lift in the front buy HRG :
any idea how to lift the rear subframe and the consequences of doing so. couldnt find anything the maintenance manual about the rear subframe....

id rather hopefully do this:
but having a hard time locating a crv shop manual to cross examine with my ep3s.

even thinking of doing a full rsx knukles etc swap just testing the waters

Tires are rated for XL for extra load gonna see if they offer them in non XL but like... 1820 pounds/ tire... so 7280 pounds all in. its a 2700 pound car... all the crap and tools i keep in it 2800 pounds with me in it call it 3000 pounds. is it ok to run such little weight on tires designed for more load? i know you can but what about ride quality? the xl are way heftier as well id run them at low psi on party mode and crank them up when human mode. that being said how would they ride with so little sprung weight and more unsprung weight, tire pressure will effect wheel bounce i know that but just curious how a highly inflated XL or just A/T tire designed for more weight handle a lil car lol... her company discount is 65% off once every 3 years so id be getting these for very little canadian dollars.

4.///// any suggestions? on anything, thoughts and criticisms?

all i can think of right now lol...

if all goes well with suspension and tires be tuned for a Supercharged AWD k24 build

thank you for your time