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    Lowering the ep3 the right way??

    Iíve looked through all the popular forums about this but I wanted to get info specifically about my situation. Iím running 16s on my ep3 and have it lowered reaaal low so the ride is horrendous. That being said, I want to keep it lowered but improve the ride quality. I planned to install buddy club roll center adjusters, hard race caster bushings, shg steering rack slider, and maybe rack raisers. So my question is would these actually work?? I donít want to spend a ton of money to find out

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    I think everything besides the rack raiser (if it's that little extended arm that connects to the inner tie rods). I'd also look into the hard race LCA hardened rubber bushings to help keep the wheel toe more consistent. These help with the bump steer, not more comfort really.

    You havent mentioned what suspension or tires you're running, but you also have to make sure your valving and spring rates are complimentary to each other, especially when you're taken so much out of the range of motion by lowering.

    Have you joined the EPhatch FB group? Good discussions there as a supplement to the forum.
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