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    first time honda owner here, folks! really happy to finally take the step to purchase a civic, yet alone a honda. for the longest time, i kept my distance due to the amount of theft civics in general have, but i've always liked the EP3 since its release. now that i'm in a better position to support my car "build", i pulled the trigger and bought one. and "build" because lowering your car with wheels is not a real build lol

    i bought a 2005 ep3 in vivid blue about a month ago. its in pretty rough condition. car has dings and dents, scratches, one hold in the rear bumper, worn out driver seat, worn steering wheel, a very loud exhaust, and stunk of tree. it also had its check engine light on for P0420. but, against my better judgement, i bought it anyway.

    since purchasing, i've...
    - replaced the cat
    - replaced o2 sensors
    - installed a yonaka cat-back exhaust
    - installed skunk 2 rear camber arms
    - purchased replica type r wing

    current goal -- nice lowered daily
    i'm in my 30s now. i've had my fun with the stance life and being loud for no reason.

    i'm really digging the HFP kit. if i can get my hands on a legit set, please point me in the right direction. or, if there is a good replica set, let me know. if anything i may purchase from Aeroworks.

    - lower on Tein Street Basis Z coilovers
    - 17" wheels -- my ideal specs: 17x8 +35 (may sport some evo8 wheels i have)
    - HFP kit
    - repaint the car eventually (staying with the original color)

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