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    Question Hard Brake Lines Rusted - Need Sizes Please

    One of my hard brake lines burst yesterday (#7 in the diagram) and it looks like #8 isn't long for this world. OEM hard lines appear to be discontinued and unavailable. I'd like to get some stainless steel tubing and make my own replacements for these two lines, plus have extra and the proper flaring tool on hand for future breakage. Living in the NE means rust is just part of life.

    I'm probably going to pickup a kit like this

    From other posts I believe that the hard brake lines in the EP3 is 3/16". It that is correct, my only question is regarding the tub nut size that screws into the distribution block and the booster. Does anyone have information on what size tube nut is required? If I'm wrong about the hard brake line size diameter a correction on that would also be appreciated.
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