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    Help! EP is down with Ignition issues

    Trying to figure my options for a smashed pin in my ignition. I took ignition out because there was a smashed pin in the ignition cylinder. but don't know which pin goes where after I took them out I got them mixed up.

    1. Does anyone know where to find the pin orientation because there are numbers on each pin?

    2. Is there any place that you can point me to purchase an ignition replacement? I really just need the cylinder.

    3. Has anyone done this before and can tell me if you get an aftermarket ignition will the car need to be reprogramed?


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    Check this out:

    You may be able to get most of what you need but you'll have to deal with have a different key for the ignition and doors. I guess you could try swapping all the locks.

    I hope you have k-pro to disable the immobilizer or get the new key programmed.

    I bought this just for the ignition switch and have a spare set of keys/locks/tumblers.

    I recommend adding the item to your watchlist. The seller will likely send you a discounted offer in the first 48 hours. I think I spent ~$55 shipped for the whole set.
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