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    i need help i have a set of 17x7.5in rims i thought i would help the gap in the wheel wells but it didnt i want to lower it and not have to buy new shocks and minimize the wear on my stock shocks i dont want to buy new ones for a wile and if i drop it will i need a camber kit i dont really want to buy new struts ether i want to do it as cheep and best for my car even if its only a 1in drop if its better for my shocks any ideas

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    dude if your gonna do it do it right the first time... I dont know how many times I have seen friends economy lower it and they REGRETEd it sevrely... I would shell out the 140 for some H&R springs

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    i have some gorund control coilovers. on the highest setting it seemed like a 1 inch drop. they say zero but it dropped it. then when your ready you can get the shocks or whatever else and be fully adjustable. shell out the extra cash, you won't regret it in the longrun. i'm gonna get me some konis as soon as i save up a little bit more cash.

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